Personal Security Guard Services

Security services offer solutions to fit the security needs of every household or traveler; from 24/7 surveillance of your home to travel protection services that cover new cities. Costs will depend upon which company and region is selected.

Professional security guards can be useful to those experiencing harassment, or receiving death threats, as well as business owners looking to deter criminals.
Unarmed Guards

Unarmed security guards perform many of the same duties as their armed counterparts. They patrol premises, observe and report criminal activity, enforce regulations on business property, assist medical emergencies and crowd control and are trained in medical emergencies and crowd control.

Businesses with low-risk assets or locations and who do not wish to incur the liability associated with hiring an armed guard find them the ideal solution. Their presence can deter most instances of minor crime from occurring and provide peace of mind that their staff, customers and tenants will remain safe at all times.

Residential environments find these services particularly helpful as their non-confrontational approach reduces legal risks while simultaneously encouraging community collaboration. Furthermore, incident reports from these services allow risk analyses and preventative measures to be put in place in order to avert future problems. Furthermore, residents can easily reach them for assistance and create positive and trustworthy relationships. In fact, many celebrity/VIP clients have even utilized them to shield them from fans, paparazzi, or others intent on harming them.
Armoured Guards

Armed security guards can respond more rapidly and more effectively in responding to incidents than ordinary security personnel can. Furthermore, these experts know how to contain criminal situations until police arrive as well as assist with investigations if necessary.

. Furthermore, these professionals know how and when to utilize their weapon(s). Because of this additional expense associated with armored security services.

Armed security guards typically come from either military or law enforcement backgrounds, giving them an edge when acting as deterrents against crimes of opportunity.
Security Officers

A career as a security guard could be rewarding for the right individual. While on-the-job training provides invaluable experience for this position, having earned a criminal justice and security services diploma like Bryant & Stratton College may enhance employability even company melbourne

Business owners can gain from having trained security officers present on their premises to act as deterrents and prevent crimes from happening there, and to quickly notify authorities if something seems amiss.

Licensed security officers can help reduce lost inventory due to theft, employee error and shoplifting – losses which can total millions annually for some retail businesses. VIP security officers provide extra protection for individuals traveling with an entourage; typically armed but usually distinguished from law enforcement personnel by their uniform and badge colour restrictions.
Security Companies

. A reputable security company will have already conducted all necessary vetting procedures such as background checks and training courses on its guards to save you both time and money in this process yourself.

An event security company or business premises can also enlist their services to protect an event by conducting screenings, verifying guests on a guest list, patrolling building boundaries and managing and controlling crowds if needed. Security specialists can even manage and direct crowd control if required.

Many security companies also provide branded guards that can increase brand recognition and customer loyalty by making staff appear more approachable to customers. This inexpensive solution can improve a business’s image while simultaneously increasing safety on its premises.

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