Building Inspection Services

Building inspectors are professionals responsible for assuring that structures are safe to live in, conducting regular inspections, reviewing plans and permits, identifying code violations and working closely with construction professionals to address issues that may arise.

If your building does not comply with local code standards, an inspector may declare it unfit to inhabit and force you to make necessary corrections immediately. This will bring to a halt your project while also necessitating corrective works on site.


Building inspectors are professionals who conduct regular inspections on buildings to ensure they adhere to minimum standards for structural integrity, fire safety and accessibility. Inspections take place throughout the construction process at different stages and help identify any code violations; in turn they work with construction

professionals in correcting them.

Roof inspection companies typically conduct various checks, from roofing and plumbing systems, HVAC units and air quality testing, radon, lead, drinking water quality and mold. Testing may also take place. Most commonly these services are utilized on commercial properties; however they can also be provided for residential structures.

Special inspections must be performed on every NYC project to verify that critical construction works have been completed according to approved plans and NYC building code requirements, in order to facilitate an easy closeout process and guarantee that the finished project meets its intended use. These evaluations play an essential role in making sure projects come out right!Pre Purchase Building Inspection

Some construction projects require permits, with requirements differing among cities.

Contractual arrangements often necessitate having one contractor “pull” their permit – in other words, taking responsibility for ensuring compliance with code during construction. This approach can be beneficial, since the contractor will already know both the process and city inspectors well.

Building inspection services offer many specialized inspections that can make life easier for strata managers or body corporate members, such as thermal imaging, water testing for contamination with asbestos or lead, lead paint testing or mold. Furthermore, these experts may perform dilapidation reports and civil inspections on strata properties – for instance assessing damage to balconies, structural columns or concrete slabs to identify issues such as dilapidations reports – dilapidation reports can even save money through repairs of non-compliant structures which would otherwise need costly repairs – saving them both time and money by helping identify any non-compliant structures before repair costs increase significantly over time.Pre Purchase Building Inspection

Real estate portfolio companies and insurance lenders commonly employ property condition assessments as a tool for making more informed purchases as well as uncovering future capital investments.

Commercial inspectors evaluate an array of items, such as elevators, boilers, backflow valves, petroleum bulk storage units, property registration documents, facade conditions, water towers and energy benchmarking. Many of these services require testing by industry specialists; therefore city agencies often entrust independent third parties with conducting such assessments to assess and report on their functions and fitness.


Today, independent third parties conduct most inspections instead.

Professional training and ongoing education are critical components of building inspection services, who must remain up-to-date on changes to codes and regulations to provide their clients with accurate advice and guidance.

Inspectors must avoid activities that might compromise their independence and objectivity, including accepting compensation from professionals or services they refer for an inspection, accepting financial interests in home sales transactions, and disclosing information about inspections without client prior written consent or where it would violate law or statute.


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